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Cycling Wheel Introduction

Cycling wheel Industry & trade co,ltd was established in xiamen of Chian on 2014.It has a team with more than 10 years experience of manufacturing and development the carbon bike rims,wheelset,and other components. Professional R & D and sales carbon fiber bicycle wheels.Our mission is to create high-quality carbon fiber wheels with competitive price, The wheels are special design, with exquisite appearance.The rim with high strength and durable. The products’ life are beyond the average level of same industry.Through repeated experiments and practice, after improved the technologies and toolings of production, etc., It’s one of the earliest manufacture to breaked out the traditional technology, All the carbon rims with Aerodynamic tech (None with EPS foam technology), use disposable molding technology, overcome many factory need to with EPS foam tech,then after need to open a lid to take out the EPS foam.repaired,and need to pass through high temperature molding again etc problems;After tested,under the same weight of carbon rim, the compressive strength of none open-lid exceeds with open a lid more than 20%.Besides,after our professional process and special tech treatment the UD carbon rims’ appearance are very bright and clean,None with irregular lines.This is really hard for carbon rim processing.So our products with excellent appearance.Now we have more than 100 models of carbon rims & wheels (road/mountain/fatbike),.After sold we win unanimous praise from worldwide customers.At the end of 2020, our monthly Productivity and sales ability have already reached over 1000 pairs of carbon rims and wheelset.
   We are adhering quality first,and trust in making high quality of products is the survival of the enterprise.  As good reputation of credit to develop the company;Under science and technology, as research and development for the guidance, Unremitting efforts for creating high-quality carbon production as responsibility!
As the spirit of tegrity management and win-win cooperation, we warmly invite you’re visit our company, guidance, discuss business and development together!
Why choose to us?
1.Supplying wide range products:include road/fixed gear/cyclocross/mountain/fatbike etc of,carbon fiber wheels.have completed model produts, total more than 100 kinds of carbon bike wheels. Therefore, you can choose the good products that there will be satisfied with and meet you want.
2. The company's R&D and tech of production are leading in bicycle industry. Have 5 engineers they are been engaged R&D carbon bike components(carbon rims,wheelsets,frames,fork,etc) more than ten years, they have accumulated rich experiences for development and actual combat of carbon bike wheels ;
3. 100% imported Japanese Toray T700/T800 carbon fiber, it with high tensile resistance, extrusion resistance, and other superior performance.So the rims have light weights,high strength,and durable.
4. We cooperate with OEM brands company, so that we can get timely support the powerful technology and hardware equipment no matter in the research and development stage or in the testing of products,etc;
5. competitive price,none minimum order requirement, fast delivery, support no tax way shipping to many European countries.
6. Support warranty,from 1~3 years after you are signed the package.
7.Easy made the payment from online order,Paypal,credit card,bank transfer (cash card),etc are all available.